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Interaction with a Tool Shed instance tools

from typing import (

from bioblend.galaxy.client import Client

    from bioblend.toolshed import ToolShedInstance

[docs] class ToolShedToolClient(Client): gi: "ToolShedInstance" module = "tools" def __init__(self, toolshed_instance: "ToolShedInstance") -> None: super().__init__(toolshed_instance)
[docs] def search_tools(self, q: str, page: int = 1, page_size: int = 10) -> Dict[str, Any]: """ Search for tools in a Galaxy Tool Shed. :type q: str :param q: query string for searching purposes :type page: int :param page: page requested :type page_size: int :param page_size: page size requested :rtype: dict :return: dictionary containing search hits as well as metadata for the search. For example:: {'hits': [{'matched_terms': [], 'score': 3.0, 'tool': {'description': 'convert between various FASTQ quality formats', 'id': '69819b84d55f521efda001e0926e7233', 'name': 'FASTQ Groomer', 'repo_name': None, 'repo_owner_username': 'devteam'}}, {'matched_terms': [], 'score': 3.0, 'tool': {'description': 'converts a bam file to fastq files.', 'id': '521e282770fd94537daff87adad2551b', 'name': 'Defuse BamFastq', 'repo_name': None, 'repo_owner_username': 'jjohnson'}}], 'hostname': '', 'page': '1', 'page_size': '2', 'total_results': '118'} """ params = {"q": q, "page": page, "page_size": page_size} return self._get(params=params)