Configuration documents for BioBlend


exception bioblend.ConnectionError(message, body=None, status_code=None)[source]

An exception class that is raised when unexpected HTTP responses come back.

Should make it easier to debug when strange HTTP things happen such as a proxy server getting in the way of the request etc. @see: body attribute to see the content of the http response

class bioblend.NullHandler(level=0)[source]

Initializes the instance - basically setting the formatter to None and the filter list to empty.


Do whatever it takes to actually log the specified logging record.

This version is intended to be implemented by subclasses and so raises a NotImplementedError.

exception bioblend.TimeoutException[source]

Returns a string with the current version of the library (e.g., “0.2.0”)


Initialize BioBlend’s logging from a configuration file.

bioblend.set_file_logger(name, filepath, level=20, format_string=None)[source]
bioblend.set_stream_logger(name, level=10, format_string=None)[source]


class bioblend.config.Config(path=None, fp=None, do_load=True)[source]

BioBlend allows library-wide configuration to be set in external files. These configuration files can be used to specify access keys, for example. By default we use two locations for the BioBlend configurations:

  • System wide: /etc/bioblend.cfg

  • Individual user: ~/.bioblend (which works on both Windows and Unix)

get(section, name, default=None)[source]
get_value(section, name, default=None)[source]
getbool(section, name, default=False)[source]
getfloat(section, name, default=0.0)[source]
getint(section, name, default=0)[source]