Source code for bioblend.galaxy.visual

Contains possible interactions with the Galaxy visualization
from bioblend.galaxy.client import Client

[docs]class VisualClient(Client): def __init__(self, galaxy_instance): self.module = 'visualizations' super().__init__(galaxy_instance)
[docs] def get_visualizations(self): """ Get the list of all visualizations. :rtype: list :return: A list of dicts with details on individual visualizations. For example:: [{'dbkey': 'eschColi_K12', 'id': 'df1c7c96fc427c2d', 'title': 'AVTest1', 'type': 'trackster', 'url': '/api/visualizations/df1c7c96fc427c2d'}, {'dbkey': 'mm9', 'id': 'a669f50f8bf55b02', 'title': 'Bam to Bigwig', 'type': 'trackster', 'url': '/api/visualizations/a669f50f8bf55b02'}] """ return self._get()
[docs] def show_visualization(self, visual_id): """ Get details of a given visualization. :type visual_id: str :param visual_id: Encoded visualization ID :rtype: dict :return: A description of the given visualization. For example:: {'annotation': None, 'dbkey': 'mm9', 'id': '18df9134ea75e49c', 'latest_revision': { ... }, 'model_class': 'Visualization', 'revisions': ['aa90649bb3ec7dcb', '20622bc6249c0c71'], 'slug': 'visualization-for-grant-1', 'title': 'Visualization For Grant', 'type': 'trackster', 'url': '/u/azaron/v/visualization-for-grant-1', 'user_id': '21e4aed91386ca8b'} """ return self._get(id=visual_id)