Source code for bioblend.galaxy.toolshed

Interaction with a Galaxy Tool Shed.
from bioblend.galaxy.client import Client

[docs]class ToolShedClient(Client): def __init__(self, galaxy_instance): self.module = 'tool_shed_repositories' super(ToolShedClient, self).__init__(galaxy_instance)
[docs] def get_repositories(self): """ Get the list of all installed Tool Shed repositories on this Galaxy instance. :rtype: list :return: a list of dictionaries containing information about repositories present in the Tool Shed. For example:: [{u'changeset_revision': u'4afe13ac23b6', u'deleted': False, u'dist_to_shed': False, u'error_message': u'', u'name': u'velvet_toolsuite', u'owner': u'edward-kirton', u'status': u'Installed'}] .. versionchanged:: 0.4.1 Changed method name from ``get_tools`` to ``get_repositories`` to better align with the Tool Shed concepts .. seealso:: """ return self._get()
[docs] def show_repository(self, toolShed_id): """ Get details of a given Tool Shed repository as it is installed on this Galaxy instance. :type toolShed_id: str :param toolShed_id: Encoded toolShed ID :rtype: dict :return: Information about the tool For example:: {u'changeset_revision': u'b17455fb6222', u'ctx_rev': u'8', u'owner': u'aaron', u'status': u'Installed', u'url': u'/api/tool_shed_repositories/82de4a4c7135b20a'} .. versionchanged:: 0.4.1 Changed method name from ``show_tool`` to ``show_repository`` to better align with the Tool Shed concepts """ return self._get(id=toolShed_id)
[docs] def install_repository_revision(self, tool_shed_url, name, owner, changeset_revision, install_tool_dependencies=False, install_repository_dependencies=False, install_resolver_dependencies=False, tool_panel_section_id=None, new_tool_panel_section_label=None): """ Install a specified repository revision from a specified Tool Shed into this Galaxy instance. This example demonstrates installation of a repository that contains valid tools, loading them into a section of the Galaxy tool panel or creating a new tool panel section. You can choose if tool dependencies or repository dependencies should be installed through the Tool Shed, (use ``install_tool_dependencies`` or ``install_repository_dependencies``) or through a resolver that supports installing dependencies (use ``install_resolver_dependencies``). Note that any combination of the three dependency resolving variables is valid. Installing the repository into an existing tool panel section requires the tool panel config file (e.g., tool_conf.xml, shed_tool_conf.xml, etc) to contain the given tool panel section: <section id="from_test_tool_shed" name="From Test Tool Shed" version=""> </section> :type tool_shed_url: str :param tool_shed_url: URL of the Tool Shed from which the repository should be installed from (e.g., ````) :type name: str :param name: The name of the repository that should be installed :type owner: str :param owner: The name of the repository owner :type changeset_revision: str :param changeset_revision: The revision of the repository to be installed :type install_tool_dependencies: bool :param install_tool_dependencies: Whether or not to automatically handle tool dependencies (see for more details) :type install_repository_dependencies: bool :param install_repository_dependencies: Whether or not to automatically handle repository dependencies (see for more details) :type install_resolver_dependencies: bool :param install_resolver_dependencies: Whether or not to automatically install resolver dependencies (e.g. conda). This parameter is silently ignored in Galaxy ``release_16.04`` and earlier. :type tool_panel_section_id: str :param tool_panel_section_id: The ID of the Galaxy tool panel section where the tool should be insterted under. Note that you should specify either this parameter or the ``new_tool_panel_section_label``. If both are specified, this one will take precedence. :type new_tool_panel_section_label: str :param new_tool_panel_section_label: The name of a Galaxy tool panel section that should be created and the repository installed into. """ payload = {} payload['tool_shed_url'] = tool_shed_url payload['name'] = name payload['owner'] = owner payload['changeset_revision'] = changeset_revision payload['install_tool_dependencies'] = install_tool_dependencies payload['install_repository_dependencies'] = install_repository_dependencies payload['install_resolver_dependencies'] = install_resolver_dependencies if tool_panel_section_id: payload['tool_panel_section_id'] = tool_panel_section_id elif new_tool_panel_section_label: payload['new_tool_panel_section_label'] = new_tool_panel_section_label url = "%s%s" % (, '/tool_shed_repositories/new/install_repository_revision') return self._post(url=url, payload=payload)