Source code for bioblend.galaxy.datatypes

Contains possible interactions with the Galaxy Datatype

from typing import (

from bioblend.galaxy.client import Client

    from bioblend.galaxy import GalaxyInstance

[docs] class DatatypesClient(Client): module = "datatypes" def __init__(self, galaxy_instance: "GalaxyInstance") -> None: super().__init__(galaxy_instance)
[docs] def get_datatypes(self, extension_only: bool = False, upload_only: bool = False) -> List[str]: """ Get the list of all installed datatypes. :type extension_only: bool :param extension_only: Return only the extension rather than the datatype name :type upload_only: bool :param upload_only: Whether to return only datatypes which can be uploaded :rtype: list :return: A list of datatype names. For example:: ['snpmatrix', 'snptest', 'tabular', 'taxonomy', 'twobit', 'txt', 'vcf', 'wig', 'xgmml', 'xml'] """ params: Dict[str, bool] = {} if extension_only: params["extension_only"] = True if upload_only: params["upload_only"] = True return self._get(params=params)
[docs] def get_sniffers(self) -> List[str]: """ Get the list of all installed sniffers. :rtype: list :return: A list of sniffer names. For example:: ['galaxy.datatypes.tabular:Vcf', 'galaxy.datatypes.binary:TwoBit', 'galaxy.datatypes.binary:Bam', 'galaxy.datatypes.binary:Sff', 'galaxy.datatypes.xml:Phyloxml', 'galaxy.datatypes.xml:GenericXml', 'galaxy.datatypes.sequence:Maf', 'galaxy.datatypes.sequence:Lav', 'galaxy.datatypes.sequence:csFasta'] """ url = self._make_url() + "/sniffers" return self._get(url=url)