Source code for bioblend.galaxy.config

Contains possible interaction dealing with Galaxy configuration.

from bioblend.galaxy.client import Client

[docs]class ConfigClient(Client): def __init__(self, galaxy_instance): self.module = 'configuration' super().__init__(galaxy_instance)
[docs] def get_config(self): """ Get a list of attributes about the Galaxy instance. More attributes will be present if the user is an admin. :rtype: list :return: A list of attributes. For example:: {'allow_library_path_paste': False, 'allow_user_creation': True, 'allow_user_dataset_purge': True, 'allow_user_deletion': False, 'enable_unique_workflow_defaults': False, 'ftp_upload_dir': '/SOMEWHERE/galaxy/ftp_dir', 'ftp_upload_site': '', 'library_import_dir': 'None', 'logo_url': None, 'support_url': '', 'terms_url': None, 'user_library_import_dir': None, 'wiki_url': ''} """ return self._get()
[docs] def get_version(self): """ Get the current version of the Galaxy instance. :rtype: dict :return: Version of the Galaxy instance For example:: {'extra': {}, 'version_major': '17.01'} """ url = + '/version' return self._get(url=url)